Friday, November 5, 2010

BobbleHead Part 2!

Wow this image looks horrible on here. If you would like to see a better quality image check out my deviant art page! (horray shameless self promotion!)

This was rougher than it should have been predominately because I had to get it done for class and my failed attempt to do the whole thing in vector failed miserably. I really like working in vector but I felt the characters lost a lot of personality when I took away the thick sketchy lines.

The idea for this short little intro was to get to meet all the main characters within two pages. I thought it would be funny if the main characters blatantly broke down the 4th wall, since the first episode of anything always has an unreasonable amount of exposition that needs to be address. Sorry that sunshine is legless in the bottom left panel. I should fix that.

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  1. nice chicks in the background, they're so cute! and i LOVE your characters! ^_^