Friday, November 5, 2010

BobbleHead Part 1

So I guess I'm going to start at the beginning. Blogging Tarantino style I guess. This was 1 of a two part project I did where the objective was to create characters and a scene for a web published comic book.

My first idea was to do the whole thing in vector but that didn't work out so I wound up using original line work and then filling that in with sold color in photo shop. This image however is entirely vector. I would like to go back and illustrate all the characters in the same fashion that I illustrated the comic book pages.

The idea for the comic was to follow a group of people in their mid 20's and show the comedic effects of creative individuals forced to work crappy minimum wage jobs. The main character Bob (exciting!) is working on a project that could possibly be the worst idea ever conceived and the story line follows his misfortunes as he tries to realize his misguided dream.

The color pallet in this was inspired by FLCL.

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